70+ year old man fucks a sweet girl 10

I'm back again you young perverts. Yes, that title is correct. I am in my 70s, and here I am fucking hot young babes like this on a regular basis. What the heck are you doing at home watching me? You should be out fucking sexy women like this too. Don't wait til you are in your 70s to start. That is my only regret. I should have been doing this my whole life.

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  • Good camera angles. You kept the video on the girl so that gets some points. But I would enjoy a higher quality camera.
    But all you got was a blow job. On top of that, she used a condom when giving the blow job. Then, she simply handjobbed you off at the end. I know you can do better than that, so I’m going to give 3 stars this time around.

  • While I applaud your efforts in staying sexually active in your golden years, I must say that room looks quite dirty and gross. Please spend a bit of money and get a nicer place to fuck these women. It’s got to be embarrassing for you, isn’t it?

    • That seems a little harsh. I get that you are super rich and have the nicest things, but not all people can afford stuff like that.

    • Please, the room is perfectly fine. I bet you’re posting this from your mother’s basement.

    • I do agree. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Unless we are talking about a nice, messy creampie. I love them nice and dirty.

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