Silicon Valley VIP Girl 33

In Silicon Valley, everything is big and inflated. Peoples' salaries, houses, cars. Hell, even the prostitutes cost a fortune in Silicon Valley. I must say though, they are worth their asking price. Just look at this luscious raven-haired beauty. She looked like an angel down there sucking my cock.

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  • Is this moneyneversleeps guy serious? I see him on here every week posting insane bullshit about how rich and powerful and intelligent he is. LOL. What a nut.

  • I have lots of ties to companies in the Silicon Valley. I have invested a lot to fund a company that makes latex sex dolls with advanced intelligence and ultra-realistic pussies. The pussy has over 50,000 nanomotors built inside for ultimate in virtual sex simulation. In fact, most of our test subjects have reported the sex dolls feel better than a real pussy does.

    • This is not the way of the Lord. You can’t create artificial sex beings. That goes against nature.

      • Your bible is ancient history, father. You need to step out of the dark ages and get with the times. Or you’ll be left behind.

    • You can’t be serious? What do you think is going to happen to all the working girls out there like me that are in direct competition with these dolls? How can we compete with something like that?

      • That’s not my problem. They need to either evolve or get new jobs. The lion cares not about the opinion of sheep.

      • Robots are going to take over the world man! Haven’t you seen the Terminator movies? That shit is real. Skynet is a real company that show was based off of. I bet this moneyneversleeps guy works for them. Pretty soon they’ll have infiltrated our towns and we won’t be able to tell who has a real pussy and who has a terminator pussy!

        • While I cannot confirm or deny your comments directly, I can assure you that I have ties to some of the most elite artificial intelligence companies in the world.

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