Silicon Valley VIP Girl 32

Here's a quick video edit I through together of me with some of the high end VIP escorts I hang out with when I'm not working at my fast-paced job in Silicon Valley. This blonde was just about perfect in every way, but unfortunately her price tag was just as huge. But I work in the tech industry and I have no problem affording it.

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  • I bet I know this guy’s boss. I know all the big wigs in Silicon Valley. They know I have money, and a lot of companies are working with me on producing my new ultra realistic sex dolls.

    • cocke on

      You really work in the robotics industry? Can you get me a job? I took mechanical engineering in college, but I’m stuck working at Pizza Hut right now.

    • Sure buddy. I bet the only sex dolls you are playing with are the action figures you’re shoving up your own ass.

    • Please don’t do this. You don’t understand what you are doing. You are going to make thousands of escorts become homeless. We have enough competition now with so many online porn site. We don’t need perfect synthetic pussies to make us obsolete too.

      • It’s not just the loss of jobs that is immoral, sex is meant to be between 2 humans. Not man and a robot. You will go to hell for this, moneyneversleeps.

        • I think you are right. This is not right in so many way. Moneyneversleeps, please reconsider this project. You have enough money already. Can you just scrap it and move on?

          • I never doing anything half-assed and I never quit. That is something you’ll soon learn about me. If you are smart you will go back to college and get a real career. My nanomotor pussies are about to make you obsolete.

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